2021 California ROK Championship Buttonwillow
05/07/2021 — 05/08/2021

CRC – Buttonwillow Raceway Park




Additional Information


Transponder Rental
Event transponder rental
20 USD
LeVanto "KRT"4.5/4.5 (Rok Micro & Rok Micro)
LeVanto "KRT"4.5/4.5 (Rok Micro & Rok Micro)
231.98 USD
LeVanto "KRT" 4.5/7.1 Practice Tires
(Rok Sr., Rok Jr., Rok Masters, Senior 100cc, Junior 100cc Masters 100cc, all Rok Shifters)
252.07 USD


Registration Fee
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Driver Package
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n / a
Pay in advance
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Pay on track
n / a

Scope of Supply and Services

Entry is a flat fee of $500 per entry in all categories. Each driver who enters the event will receive their driver pass along with one other for a mechanic/helper. The entry includes one day of practice, and one day of racing along with one set of LeVanto tires for the category you compete in. Classes to be contested include the following:

Shifter ROK
Shifter Masters ROK
Senior ROK
Masters ROK
Junior ROK
Senior 100cc
Masters 100cc
Junior 100cc
Mini ROK
Micro ROK

Racers must supply their own Sonoco Supreme with Motul Kart Gran Prix Oil. No fuel or oil will be available for purchase through the California ROK Championship onsite. CRC asks you to purchase these items through your team or favorite kart shop.

Method of Payment

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There are no refunds for pre-entries. I understand that there are no refunds once I pre-enter for an event. All items include applicable sales tax. MAKE SURE YOU CHECKED THE PAYPAL PAYMENT OPTION BEFORE YOU HIT CONTINUE. YOU WILL STILL USE YOUR CREDIT CARD.