2020 Challenge of the Americas Rounds 3-4
02/21/2020 — 02/23/2020

CalSpeed Karting Circuit, Fontana, CA.




Additional Information


3 Day Pit Pass
Three day pit passes for mechanics, spectators and family.
26 USD
1 Day Pit pass
One day pit passes for mechanics, spectators and family.
15 USD
Extra Pit Spot
10'x40' spot per weekend.
100 USD
Motorhome Parking Spot
One Motorhome Parking Spot Per Event
150 USD
YLR 4.5/7.1 Practice Tires
(Rok Sr., Rok Jr., Rok Masters, Senior 100cc, Masters 100cc, all Rok Shifters)
250 USD
YLR 4.5/4.5 (TAG Micro & TAG Micro)
(TAG Micro & TAG Mini)
233 USD
VP Fuel All Rok Classes
80 USD
Oil Rok
MOTUL (Spec oil for all Rok classes)
20 USD
Transponder Rental
Event transponder rental
25 USD


Registration Fee
-- select a class --
Driver Package
-- select a class --
n / a
Pay in advance
n / a
Pay on track
n / a

Scope of Supply and Services

DRIVERS WHO ARE PITTING ON THEIR OWN MUST BUY A PIT SPOT. If you are pitting with an Arrive and Race Team please make sure you include the team name in the appropriate box on form.

$1999 Crazy Andy CalSpeed Micro and Mini Rock includ a Rok Micro/Mini motor and entry to CalSpeed CotA event. Pit spots not included. $2999 Crazy Andy CalSpeed Rok Jr, Rok Sr, Rok Masters included Rok GP motor and CalSpeed entry. Pit spots not included.

REGISTRATION INCLUDES for All 100cc, all ROK GP and ROK Shifter classes:
_____Friday Practice
_____Saturday Race Entry
_____Sunday Race Entry
_____1 pail of race fuel*
_____1L oil*
_____2 Sets Race tires
_____Driver Pit Pass
_____3 Day Mechanics Pit Pass

_____Friday Practice
_____Saturday Race Entry
_____Sunday Race Entry
_____1 pail of race fuel*
_____1L oil*
_____1 Set Race tires
_____Driver Pit Pass
_____3 Day Mechanics Pit Pass

*These events are spec fuel and oil, which must be purchased here and picked up at the event. Any competitor found using fuel or oil other than spec is subject to disqualification.

Competitors are required to compete on slick tires that are purchased from the Challenge of the Americas entry. Rok Micro and Rok Mini are limited to one set of four (4) slick tires per weekend. Drivers in all other classes will use one new set each race day.

Rok Senior and Rok Junior must pick up their tires on the morning of each race day. All other classes may pick up their tires beginning Friday afternoon.

Method of Payment

-- select a class --


There are no refunds for pre-entries. I understand that there are no refunds once I pre-enter for an event. All items include applicable sales tax. MAKE SURE YOU CHECKED THE PAYPAL PAYMENT OPTION BEFORE YOU HIT CONTINUE. YOU WILL STILL USE YOUR CREDIT CARD.