2019 Karting Challenge presented by MG Tires

Round 3 of 10 | Sunday, March 31st

Online Registration at $70 Closes at 11:59 PM on Friday, March 29th.

Registration on Saturday is $80 and closes at 7 PM.

Entry fee on Sunday morning is $90 and opens at 7:15 AM.

*Tires do NOT have to be purchased from AMR Motorplex for this event.

**Each driver’s pit pass is included in their entry fee.

***This race will be operated on the Clockwise Direction of our Standard Circuit.







MG FZ Yellow 4.60/7.10 Tire Set
MG FZ Yellow 4.60/7.10 Tire Set for TaG Junior, Senior, Master & Shifter Classes
219 USD
MG HZI Red 4.60/6.00 Tire Set
MG HZI Red 4.60/6.00 Tire Set for LO206 Senior & LO206 Heavy
209 USD
MG HZi Red 4.60/4.60 Tire Set
MG HZI Red 4.60/4.60 Tire Set for TaG Micro & TaG Mini
204 USD
MG WT Rain 4.60/4.60 Tire Set
MG WT Rain 4.60/4.60 Tire Set for Cadet Classes
221 USD
MG WT Rain 4.60/6.00 Tire Set
MG WT Rain 4.60/6.00 Tire Set for Junior, Senior, & Master Classes
227 USD
Pit Pass
Event Pit Pass for non-drivers
10 USD
Transponder Rental
15 USD


Registration Fee
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Driver Package
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Pay in advance
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Pay on track
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Scope of Supply and Services

The payment includes entry fee to the selected event for Sunday.

The driver's pit pass as well as sales tax are both included in the class entry fee. Drivers who wish to pre-order tires can do so here or through an official MG Tire dealer.

Method of Payment

-- select a class --


I have read and agree (Driver & Entrant) to be bound to all regulations applicable to this race. Those regulations include, but not limited to, World Karting Assocation 2018 Technical Manual, AMR Motorplex Official Class Structure, and AMR Motorplex Sporting Regulations.